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Parents highlights Little Cord Art as a reasonably-priced way to create custom, baby-focused art.

The local Fox affiliate in SLC features a behind-the-scenes look at how and why we make Little Cord Art.

The pregnancy & baby experts at Mara's World include Little Cord Art as one of their favorite baby keepsakes.

We were pretty excited to see that artiste news featured Little Cord Art.

We were interviewed by Kyra Phillips on HLN's Raising America to discuss Little Cord Art.

The Bellini blog introduces Little Cord Art.

A BabyCenter blogger discusses Little Cord Art.

Inhabitots describes Little Cord Art works as abstract masterpieces.

Would you make art out of your baby's umbilical cord? New trend turns birth tissue into unlikely family keepsake? Read what the Daily Mail has to say about Little Cord Art.

From the Womb to Your Room: Would You Make Art Out of Your Baby's Umbilical Cord? Read what the Huffington Post has to say