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About Us

About Us

The idea for Little Cord Art was born when founders Keith and Stephanie were expecting their first child in 2009. A routine ultrasound revealed that the umbilical cord had two blood vessels rather than the typical three—a condition called single umbilical artery that occurs in roughly 10% of pregnancies. Because Keith is a medical doctor with fellowship training in pathology, he was keen to look at the histology (microscopic study of tissue) of the cord after their healthy son’s arrival. And it looked beautiful...

They made a canvas for the baby’s nursery and it became a conversation piece in their home.

Over the next few years, they created more Little Cord Art pieces for their two daughters, as well as for friends, who cherish the art and the miracle of birth that it represents. Keith and Stephanie are now turning umbilical cord tissue into meaningful pieces of art that parents and children can enjoy over lifetimes.

The goal of Little Cord Art is to create one-of-a-kind artwork that preserves and commemorates your baby’s umbilical cord in a deeply personal and creative way. And we’d love to create one for you!