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  • Step 1

    Order Your Canvas

    Order at least 2 weeks before baby’s due date. Choose a size, shape and image style (if you decide to change one of these elements later, that’s no problem).

  • Step 2

    Collect a Cord Sample

    We’ll provide a kit that contains everything needed to gather a cord sample at birth (don’t worry, your doctor, nurse or midwife will do this part).

  • Step 3

    Choose Your Image

    When we receive the sample, we’ll produce at least 3 image samples. Your favorite will be printed on a ready-to-hang canvas.

Curious about how we get from the cord to the canvas? Learn more about how we do it.


Little Cord Art™ creates custom artwork by photographing umbilical cord cells through a microscope. We use special stains to develop different color schemes and magnify the tissue to produce an abstract look. The result is a colorful, one-of-a-kind piece of wall art that will be a conversation piece in any room.

Little Cord Art is the beautiful—and tasteful—way for parents to preserve a piece of their baby’s umbilical cord. And it makes a unique baby shower gift too!

Learn more about who we are and how Little Cord Art started.

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